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Xcelerate Franchise Group

We are your dedicated partners on the fast track to success in the franchising industry. Our mission is clear: to empower franchisors and franchisees alike with unparalleled speed, progress, and excellence. With our specialized expertise and passion for the franchising world, we are committed to driving your business towards new heights.

Our Unrivaled Expertise

As a consulting group that specializes in franchising, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in every aspect of the franchise landscape. From creating winning strategies for franchise sales and seamless onboarding processes to providing top-notch learning management systems that keep your teams ahead of the curve, we are your go-to resource for all things franchising.

Igniting Growth

Growth is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that in the competitive world of franchising, standing still is not an option. That’s why we Xcelerate your business towards rapid expansion and prosperity.

Fueling Success

At Xcelerate Franchise Group, success is our fuel. We are passionate about driving your business towards success and leaving a lasting mark on the franchising landscape.

A Vision for the Future

We envision a future where thriving franchises are the norm. Our commitment to operational excellence, impactful sales strategies, and seamless onboarding sets the stage for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Innovative Learning Management

Empower teams with cutting-edge platforms, staying ahead in a dynamic landscape.


Franchise Launch

Introducing our Franchise Launch package:
Transform your existing business into a successful franchise brand. We offer everything from tailored FDDs to training new franchise owners and beyond!


Is your franchise facing challenges?
Require a complete overhaul? Our team integrates with yours, providing the assistance you need to navigate through franchise difficulties successfully.

Scaling for Sale

Planning to expand and eventually sell your brand?
We’ve achieved this before! Selling successfully on a large scale requires a specific approach, and we’re here to guide you toward that goal.



Jeremy Kwaterski


With over 2 decades in the franchise realm, as a seasoned CEO & Visionary with a history of excellence in franchising. Proficient in Negotiation, Operations Management, Sales, Retail Franchising, and Serial Entrepreneurship.  Founder & former CEO of CPR Cell Phone Repair, a retail franchise company with over 800+ store locations worldwide. 

Brad Broome

COO- Chief Operations Officer

With 15+ years in diverse franchise management, Bradley Broome’s expertise spans Director of Operations roles and strategic orchestration for 300+ franchise locations. Notably overseeing CPR Cell Phone Repair’s 300 locations, Bradley’s impact extends to Repairs First, where he aids in onboarding, operations, and sales. 

Brian Ahern

CCO - Chief Compliance Officer

With a history spanning over 15 years in the realm of franchise operations, Brian is a seasoned executive. His leadership shines as a beacon, complemented by his prowess as an innovative thinker and a troubleshooter adept at devising solutions. Brian’s passion for the franchise industry fuels his resolute commitment to aiding franchisors in every facet of franchise operations and compliance.

Nicole Russell

CTO - Chief Training Officer

Over a decade of experience in Training and Development as CEO of CellBotics. Nicole has worked with countless multi unit brands to establish growth structure. She boasts an extensive Learning Management System (LMS) imperative for Franchise structure while maintaining brand integrity through growth.

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